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July 26,2000



Message from Ayutthaya Elephant Camp

Subject : A word of confirmation from the management of Ayutthaya Elephant camp

        A group of dedicated individuals with a lifelong love for elephant, concerned about the problems facing these magnificent creatures, founded the Ayutthaya Elephant Camp in 1996 to provide homes for elephants forced to earn a living in the streets of Bangkok. Today, these same elephant work giving rides to tourists on the site of the ancient palace at beautiful Pha Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Historical Park.
       This innovative project to help working elephants was developed with the cooperation of the Elephant Care Assembly over the past 3 years. The Assembly is an organization of people who care about elephants,and who work alongside them in a variery of capacities every day.
      To date, the Ayutthaya Elephant Camp has provided a home and a purpose for more than 100 domesticated elephant with the generous support of visitors who take advantage of the once-in-a lifetime opportunity for a elephant Ride. Because of our continued success, we now have the budget to help bfund the many projects of the Elephant Care Assembly as well. Friendly service and rider safety and rider safety are always a top priority with us. We also strive to assist any elephant in need in collaboration with a government organizations,commercial operations, and private individuals.
      Recently, we received news of a story circulating, which indicated that the camp will soon be absndoned or relocated. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Ayutthaya Elephant Camp will continue to fulfil our mission and operate to a high standand of excellence and safety which sets n example for other camps.
     Conceraed people all over the world care about the future of Thailandís elephants. It is our ongoing goal make sure that future is a bright oue.


Sompast Meepan
Director, Ayutthaya Elephant Camp

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